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Seminar's Scope

This seminar will focus on complex phenomena behind the Injection Molding process, with strong emphasis on the understanding of part's problems (aspect, shrinkage, warpage, weld lines, burns, ...) and their relationship to material properties (amorphous, semi-cystalline, filled, unfilled) and the process itself.

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The participants we expect could be :

The BIMS-1  seminar content

The seminar is not specifically about Injection Molding Simulation. However, the intention is to clearly help those among the participants who are "Flow Analysis users" to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts that form the basis of existing code. Model assumptions and corresponding limitations will be highlighted and discussed.

The seminar will be highly interactive, with limited attendance, allowing for questions, group discussion and analysis of the attendant problems. Parts or drawings are welcome for open discussion, when possible.

The first part of the seminar will quickly describe the process cycle for the purpose of setting up a common vocabulary.

The seminar may not fit the needs of beginners in the field.


Professor Vito LEO, founder and owner of BIMS SEMINARS SPRL based in Belgium, has presented countless times his very well-known training on Injection Molding in Denmark. This seminar will still be presented on a yearly basis in public sessions organized by ATV-SEMAPP or in private form to interested companies.

Over the years, Vito LEO, has also developed a large experience in the field of Mechanical Properties of Polymers and after a long preparation has decided to offer a new seminar to the Plastics Community.

It appeared indeed that, similar to the subject of Polymer Processing, many professionals involved in plastic part design or materials specialists, have a relatively poor understanding of the very complex thermo-mechanical performance of polymeric materials or compounds. This is however often a critical knowledge considering the frequently complex failure phenomena observed in plastics (creep, impact, environmental stress cracking, plastic yielding, crazing, brittle failure,…).

The subject is both very wide and extremely challenging. The ambition of this new BIMS seminar (BIMS II) is to provide an in depth introduction to the participants, regardless of their scientific background or specific experience in the field.

Two days is too short to get very deep into the details, but more than adequate to explore quite deeply the subject, establishing a solid knowledge base for all participants, and preparing them to consider more specialized reading or training in their particular field of interest within the area

Seminar's Scope 

This seminar will focus on the complex mechanical performance of plastics in order to introduce the key behavior of these unique materials (visco-elasticity, non linearity, creep, impact, failure mechanisms).
The participants we expect could be :

The BIMS II 2-day seminar content

The teaching material (over 200 slides) provides an in depth introduction in the field of plastic mechanical performance.

After attending the seminar, we expect the participants to have a fairly good answer to many typical questions that often come-up when dealing with plastics, like, for instance:



The list of questions would be very long, but the ones listed above give at least a good idea of the general approach of the seminar. No “recipes”, but mainly focus on “understanding” so that any new question, new problem, new polymer can hopefully be addressed and examined with the right concepts in mind.

Many of the subjects presented are supposedly well-known and largely described in text-books or scientific literature. However, the reality is often that the subject appears to be daunting making it very difficult or almost impossible to find the necessary knowledge, presented in a comprehensive but understandable way, within a concise text.

The seminar may not fit the needs of beginners in the field, although our intention is to present material requiring no pre-requisite knowledge. Conversely, specialists in the field may find this 2 day’s training too general to fit their needs. We believe however that this seminar may bring a fresh view on classical material which will provide useful understanding and interpretation tools to all participants.

Compared to the now classical BIMS seminar on Injection Molding, this training on mechanical properties is somewhat more challenging in terms of theoretical content. We count on the attendants’ active participation to bring up examples of plastic part failures or other mechanical related issues, in order to make the session as interactive as possible. As observed over the years with our BIMS I seminar on Injection Molding, we will enrich the presentation with more and more practical examples provided by the participants as we go. We thank you in advance for your help and material (parts, drawings, pictures, examples, good stories…).

The session “zero” of this seminar has been already presented privately to specialists in the field at Novo Nordisk (Oct. 2013), and was largely appreciated.
We now have presented BIMS-1 about 15 times.

We hope to see you soon at a coming session of this training ! Check the latest news page for the agenda of coming dates or contact us for a private session in your company or institute.