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Vito LEO consulting services

After retiring from Solvay in February 2021, Vito is now offering consulting services in addition to his classical training courses.
A few major companies are alredy taking advantage of this offer. Currently MSTeams distant sessions are the easiest and safest, but hopefully travel will become again just as safe. Get in touch via mail or messaging on LinkedIn or Whatsapp (+32475556198) for fee details or other enquiries.


With a little extra motivation coming from COVID-19, we have decided to speed-up our plans to go "ONLINE" with our trainings.
Please register on the platform to see courses  and check the free introductory videos. We also have a completely free course for you to check the quality and style of teaching.
On the ONLINE platform you will now have the opportunity to buy both the BIMS-1 and/or BIMS-2 bndles .

Quick 2022 update

2021 has been of course a very special year because of COVID restrictions. Thanks to our online prerecorded courses and webinar solution offer, we were able however to satisfy our customers with many sessions of BIMS-1 and BIMS-2.
2021 also saw a "premiere", our new seminar introducing thermoplastic composites, with former colleague and close friend  Hans MILTNER. The seminar was first introduced in Copenhagen as a one-day session and is currently under expansion for a full featured 2 days session in the future, including for the already planned session in September, in Copenhagen.

2022 started with very bad news from Ukraine and we hope the world will heal from this very severe problem.
Keep in touch with us, as events and Covid situation unfolds, for updated calendar of sessions and updated news.


Note to SOLVAY visitors            

Due to the existing running contract, Solvay delegates around the world are entitled a 50% rebate on my online courses. Reach out to me for orders or to get a coupon for direct online purchasing.                                                                               _ _ _
Thank you to all participants and organizers. A particularly warm "Thank you" to Jytte Vejsgaard Laursen and Charlotte Dyrmann Leser from ATV-SEMAPP, Cristoph Hinse and Anke Praetorius from Simpatec Germany and Fabien Buchy from Simpatec France for their continuous efforts in making this venture a big success. Thank you also to Bernard Alsteens from e-Xstream, promoting and organizing BIMS sessions for us in the framework of e-Xstream trainings.

It is not easy to attract people to "english speaking" seminars in Germany and a few other countries, but thanks to the efforts of the Simpatec team, offering also translated printouts to participants, we are slowly building-up our reputation in Germany and other German speaking countries. Check the schedule for future sessions in Germany.

If you are in doubt about your ability to understand my English language, listen to me by clicking HERE, or watch some of the videos I publish regularly  here (Click HOME in the menu above) or on
LinkedIn (please join my network there !).

go straight to : SCHEDULE  of coming sessions

NEWS - Early 2021

Rough times for business since the start of the pandemic. Seminars are not unlike cultural events and involve travel and "small crowd" gathering, all stuff that has been shut down for exactly one year now.
But this was not the only disrupting event for me recently. The big news is that hitting 65 years brought me to retiring from my full job at SOLVAY after nearly 40 years of work entirely dedicated to Polymer Physics, Polymer Processing and Mechanical performance of plastics.
So this is the beginning of a new chapter, where BIMS SEMINARS SRL will benefit from 100 % of my time. Having time and no conflicts of interest means I am now fully active with CONSULTING activities. Please reach out if you think I can help your company by offering part time support for an hourly fee. It could be occasional or, better, we could agree on a monthly or yearly volume of service (x hourse/month or y days/year...).

I am now fully vaccinated and I hope to soon be in a position to plan some real seminars or visits to customers.
For the time being, we will still take advantage of webinar format for the training courses.
Our recently launched ONLINE PLATFORM is still in its infancy (less than a year) but has already met some success, especially with my faithful custmer LEGO in Billund. I am glad to report however that SABIC and ELIX Polymers, University of Leuven, DISTRUPOL and a few private persons have also purchased access to the complete Molding course. I hope that the satisfaction of people testing the course will help get more customers this year.
For more details head to the platform here :

Check our AGENDA below to see the current scheduled events. You will note that we have a brand new one-day session on Thermoplastic Composites (from nano fillers to continuous fibers) organized by ATV-SEMAPP and presented with my long-time friend and specialist Hans Miltner. More details on ATV page here :

Please note that private sessions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are managed by Simpatec Germany. Contact them to schedule a training.

For all other public or private session, please contact us.
 You can always pre-book by sending me a mail, or, for public sessions, getting directly in touch with organizers (click to send email) :


Hope to see you at some coming seminar and please let know all your contacts or colleagues about these trainings. Don't hesitate to come again if you attended several years ago since we constantly update the material, and many returning attendants keep telling us they learned/understood new things by coming back again.


- - -

The current agenda for 2021 is the following 


AGENDA 2022 

Due to COVID-19, live sessions are on hold for at least a few months, or converted to distant webinars. 

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on our ONLINE training offer here : BIMS ONLINE COURSES info/preview

FRANCEParis regionRENAULTend of AprilFranšaisPrivateBIMS-1 Molding
FRANCEParis regionRENAULTend of AprilFranšaisPrivateBIMS-2 Mechanical
GERMANYBamberg, DPlasticsYOUMay. 3-4, 2022,EnglishPublicBIMS-1 - Molding
GERMANYBamberg,DPlasticsYOUMay 5-6, 2022EnglishPublicBIMS-2  Mechanical
DENMARKCopenhagenATV SEMAPPJune., 16-17, 2022EnglishPublicBIMS-1 - Molding
FRANCEParis regionSIMPATEC Fend June TBCFranšaisPublicBIMS-1 Molding
FRANCEParis regionSIMPATEC Fend June TBCFranšaisPublicBIMS-2 Mechanical
DENMARKCopenhagenATV-SEMAPPSept. 8-9, 2022EnglishPublicBIMS-2 Mechanical
DENMARKCopenhagenATV-SEMAPPSept. 29-30, 2022EnglishPublicTP COMPOSITES

We are always open to discuss possible additional private sessions trainings.

 BIMS-1 : Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics
The classical BIMS seminar now presented  138 times throughout the World

 BIMS-2 : Understanding Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastics : NEW seminar on Mechanical Properties of Plastics, presented abt 30 times so far.

 Contact us  for private sessions you may need in 2021