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The speaker's education and professional experience

Dr. Prof. Vito LEO is a physicist by training, and has been working for about 40 years in the field of Polymer Processing and Physics. He has been particularly active in the field of Injection Molding of Thermoplastics and the use of Finite Element Numerical Simulation of this process, and currently works more in the field of Mechanical performance of plastics.

He used to work for the largest chemical company in Belgium providing the biggest portfolio of engineering polymers and compounds in this Industry. He also teached a second Master’s course at ULB/VUB (Brussels University), to students of the Engineering Faculty for close to 20 years..
Since 2000, he has provided training courses to the Plastic Industry  and has been particularly active in Denmark and France. Simpatec is also organizing our public seminars in Germany (English language).  Although the language may initially appear as a barrier for people not sufficiently fluent in English, the author uses a very clear, simple and undestandable  English language, as can be confirmed by past participants in Germany.
He is now retired from his industrial job and is fully available for training and consulting jobs under the BIMS banner.
PlasticsYOU GmbH was recently created to provide a long term future to our teaching with my partner Cristophe HINSE. Check out PlasyicsYOU on LinkedIn for more info.

Welcome to BIMS SEMINARS !

Our mission is to provide to the Plastics Industry the most effective and innovative training courses on Plastic Technology. This is done through private or public sessions presented as webinars or actual local sessions in your area. Make sure you also check our ONLINE solution offering unique advantages. Note that the online courses go a little deeper into the technical details given the absence of the classical  time constraints.

Our 2 day's training on Injection Molding (now referred to as "BIMS-1") has been presented about 160 times over the years  and BIMS-2 (Understanding Mechanical Properties of Plastics) already 40 times since we started end 2014. Total number of people trained so far is  about 3500 participants from Scandinavia, France, Germany...

We will keep offering this well established training, both in public sessions and private settings on request. Details about dates to come  and seminar content are available on the relevant pages of this website.

Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics


The key to Optimum Plastic Part Design 


Understanding Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastics


The key to material selection, part design and performance


Around forty sessions presented to date for this second training, and many more scheduled

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